Easy integration of instant messengers and CRM
in 5 minutes

Warm your customers and bring them to sales easily by dragging customer cards into CRM
Who will benefit from our solution?
Any business that interacts with customers through
instant messengers and leads customers in CRM.
for online-business
Any online business is tied to establishing trusting contacts with its audience. It takes a lot of effort and time. Answer yourself no questions:
  • Spend a lot of time working with current customers?
  • Spend more than 3 hours a day on routine tasks and customer questions?
  • Lose deals due to lack of time?
  • Pay a lot for advertising?
If you answered many questions positively, then we have good news, we know how to help you!
for online education
In order to make a decision on training, the user needs more time than simpler tasks.

That is why the sales funnel in the same sales can be quite large, and "heating" can take a lot of time.

The online bot will take on most of the routine operations. This will allow you to devote more of your time to truly important business tasks.

For example, customers will be able to learn about interesting offers and events without your personal participation; the bot will answer the basic questions of users, and even it can itself remind the client of a pending purchase decision.
for event business
In the event business it is important to always keep in touch with the client and remind him of interesting events. At the same time, writing to everyone who is interested personally and answering all questions can be very time-consuming.

Therefore, in this segment, chat bots are especially useful.
Inform your clients about new events, segment them and build a personal approach to each without any extra effort and time costs.
What is Treebo.io ?
Increase profits by increasing customer loyalty and warming up before buying.
The web service that allows you to create your own scenario of communication with customers,
or choose a ready-made sales script. To do this, you absolutely do not need programming skills.
The customer is heated and maintained for sale through the integration of CRM, Google spreadsheets
and recognition of user responses.
4 hours per day
Save time per person
by automating routine tasks.

What we can?

Integration with messengers
and CRM
We integrate WhatsApp with sales funnels in AmoCRM so that it would be most convenient for you to create customer communication.
You drag and drop the necessary blocks with the mouse and save 10 hours of your time and the time of your employees in 10 minutes.
Analytics in Google Analytics
We help evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels and spend less money
on them.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence will help you make communication with the chat bot as natural and human-like as possible.
How it works?
How to create an autofunnel (pipeline) with WhatsApp and CRM in 3 minute:
Free (request)
  • Ability to change auto-funnels and logic
  • WhatsApp (your number), Telegram
  • Time limit Access
Learn more
  • WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Autofunnels templates
  • CRM integrations: AmoCRM, Bitrix24
  • Ability to write first (WhatsApp)
  • End-to end analytics via Google
  • Artificial Intelligence Defining Answers (coming soon)
  • No limits
from $1000
  • all adv. of Standard
  • Ability to use Official WhatsApp Business API
  • Customer development and integration
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Boost your business efficiency
along with Treebo.io
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